Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Disappointed - Obsolete. inadequately appointed

I've got a complex about who I am...or well who I appear to be. I know who I am what I like and what I want. But I can't know what I'm going to be feeling everyday of my life for the rest of my life. Everyday is a new day. But I like to move I like to sway. Fallout is nice and fuck but it's drama I can't relax because of the people. And the only time I can is when I'm on the floor by myself swinging, stepping, swaying, dancing. But I would like to enjoy that kind of experience with people that are important to me. Sometimes I do at fallout but it's always the same ol' same ol'. I want to be out of my element and just dance. I want to sweat and express my feelings. And be something other then who I am. I want to be the girls other girls stare at because I'm experiencing more threw the beat of a song then they have during every sexual incounter they have ever had. I'm never intoxicated or self medicated. I'm just high off the energy running threw my veins. Threw the base threw the beat.

I've noticed that voices thrill me. I mean I've always known it but I have come to realize it more so now that I'm older. I'll be moving my hips to a beat then the words will come out in such a sexual tone that I'll tilt my head back and breath heavyer. It's a new way for me to please myself. Sounds so weird when I read it over but it's true. My pulse beats faster but breathing faster but deeper. And if the right person came up and touched me the right way or said the right thing. I would have them against a wall so fast. Expressing my feelings threw my body language. And or my mouth... Maybe I need to get laid...Yes I think thats it.

"Whatca gonna tell her after she discovers you don't really love her"

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