Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sense enough

"Those eyes those eyes that saw something no kid should never see. Those kids eyes looked into me looked threw me it's the worst thing I'd ever seen"

Today something hit me something that I try not to think about but when it happens it really bothers me. I hate it when someone you care about lies directly to your face. And honestly being lied to really is not that bad. Because being lied to means you don't know the truth. And then there the truth can't hurt you. But I'm stuck here remembering how it feels to be lied to when you know what they were saying is in fact a lie. But what's worse then even that is being lied to...then fighting out "later" that it was a lie. Nothing stings more. Nothing so unforgivable but yet...I forgive the ones I should not forgive.

It's a plague

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